Contemporary Italian oil painting art presents three main characteristics and the development and evolution of art

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Contemporary Italian oil painting art presents three main characteristics and the development and evolution of art

The selected works for this exhibition have high artistic value, some of which come from the Contemporary Art Collection of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, exploring themes such as travel, meetings, and discoveries. The artists participating in the exhibition belong to different generations. They are rooted in Italian tradition, but they can show a vision of looking forward to the future and facing the contemporary artistic language, representing the latest development of Italian art since the 1960s. As curator Angela Taiche pointed out, viewing beauty as a 'necessity' is the main engine of the development of the Silk Road trade. This exhibition presents the 'essential beauty' of humanity, especially a cross-section that represents contemporary Italian oil painting art and culture.

The creative techniques of the exhibited works include traditional techniques such as canvas oil painting, as well as modern languages such as photography, video recording, and installation. Different entry methods and types make communication between different perspectives of the cognitive world more effective. Regardless of whether the juxtaposition of these perspectives is harmonious or not, they always face a new aesthetic field that needs to be further explored. The exhibition is divided into three themes, one of which is "travel": through the diversity of creative expression, travel can also be understood as a possibility to enrich individual knowledge; Secondly, "meeting and exchanging": it arises at the moment of encountering and seeking mutual understanding with other hand painted oil painting cultures, which becomes a reality due to the valuable gifts of the exhibitor. Thirdly, "Discovery" aims to provide a sense of surprise that every traveler who yearns for "poetry and distance" will encounter when encountering new things and encountering foreign cultures. The extension of the three themes derived from the works provides the audience with the possibility to cross the art field. These Italian visions presented through the artistic language provide a rare concept and aesthetic feast for Xi'an citizens and art lovers.

Industry Impressions Summary

The exhibition attracted many people and enthusiasts from the art community in Xi'an, who discussed their impressions and comments from different perspectives.

After watching the exhibition, art critic Wu Kejun commented that as an important contextual oil painting reproductions group exhibition, it presents the morphological samples and ideological landscape of contemporary art in Italy over the past fifty years, which strongly proves the inevitability of art's shift from form, narrative, language, and value judgment to philosophy. It also reveals in the most general sense that art is the creation of wisdom, the production of culture, and the expansion of possibilities. While paying homage to the poor country where art was invented, I hope Xi'an, which also has a long history and artistic tradition, can also create progressiveness art and time art.

Contemporary artist Mr. Jiao Ye said, "The exhibition level is beyond my expectations, and the quality is top-notch. He believes that Many of the artists participating in the exhibition are Italian contemporary art masters, and I think their oil paintings are excellent. They uphold Italian tradition, and each person has an outlet for free art, carefully examining the world they see, and explaining that the world is not original or naked. It has some metaphors, new visuals, and new methods, which are very exciting to see. I think this is a recent One of the best exhibitions of Xi'an Art Museum in recent years.

Dong Wentong, Deputy Director of the Oil Painting Department of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, has visited Italy twice. From this exhibition, he once again felt "the rationality of Italian art. In their cultural genes, I think logic is an important factor supporting their development, rather than a simple visual effect." However, Dong Wentong also said: "Our art does not necessarily need to be like them, we need to amplify our own characteristics. The emotions and philosophy of Chinese people have their own advantages. How the two systems of the East and the West communicate and interact, and how to distance themselves, is actually something that needs to be carefully considered.

Exhibition site

Xi'an is the eastern starting point of the "the Belt and Road". It is not only an economic road connecting the East and the West, but also a cultural exchange road between the East and the West. As a world-renowned historical and cultural city and an international metropolis with historical and cultural characteristics, Xi'an regards cultural exchange between the East and the West as its historical responsibility, and reproduces and surpasses the historical glory of the ancient Silk Road.

The exhibition of "Italian Contemporary Oil Painting Art Silk Road Tour" was exhibited at the Xi'an oil painting reproductions Art Museum, which has a very positive significance for cultural exchange between China and Italy. Exchange provides new opportunities for thinking and exploration, and this cultural dialogue and exchange will inject new inspiration into the development of their respective cultures. The 2018 Xi'an Contemporary Art Exhibition "Tour of Xi'an Art Museum's" New Vein of the Ancient City - Beyond the City Wall "was successfully held in Florence, Italy in 2018, making us descendants of the ancient Silk Road inheritors and awakening the cultural spirit of the ancient Silk Road through artistic means.



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