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To Place orders,please E-mail to info@oil-painting-china.com ,we will give you reply within 12 hours. thank you!


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    Pet Oil Portrait
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    Pet Oil Portrait
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    Size:20x24 Inches(50.8x60.96cm)

    Custom 100% hand painted oil portrait paintings on canvas

    Our portraits include wedding oil portraits, family oil portrait, children oil portrait, pets oil portrait ,landscape oil portraits,house oil portrait, couple oil portrait and etc.

    How to custom portraits?
    Please send images which need to be painted to our E-mail info@oil-painting-china.com ,tell us the size,quantity,and your detailed shipping informations include your phone number.
    We will send you the detailed quote and reply within 12 hours.Thanks!
    Detailed Steps
    Step 1:you only need to send us your photos to info@oil-painting-china.com,and tell us the size,quality,quantity,requirements and etc. And write down your full name, contact telephone number, detailed shipping  address.
    Step 2:confirm the price and payment. We start to paint the paintings after we received your 50% advance deposit.We suggest that you use Paypay to pay, Our Paypal account : info@oil-painting-china.com. If you use  Bank Wire Transfers directly, please contact us to get the bank informations.
    Step 3:our artists will paint the portraits for you. According to the quantity, size and complexity, the orders need 3-15 days to be completed. If the portraits painting is very complex, it will need more time, we will contact you to discuss the delivery time.
    Step 4:the paintings have been completed. We will send you the photos of the paintings to confirm.
    Step 5: arrange shipping. After you confirmed the painting, you need to pay the remaining 50% money,then we will ship the paintings as soon as possible.
    If you need other size, please contact us: info@oil-painting-china.com
    How to calculate the price?

    For example:
    You order 1 piece oil portrait with 1 people in size 20x24 inches to United States. The total price is 108+24= $ 132.
    You order 1 piece oil portrait with 2 people in size 20x24 inches to United States. The total price is 128+24= $ 152.
    You order 3 pieces oil portrait with 1 people in size 20x24 inches to United States. The total price is 108x3+24+6= $ 354.
    You order 3 pieces oil portrait with 2 people in size 20x24 inches to United States
    . The total price is 128x3+24+6= $ 414.
    The following price list as a reference,we have 13 sizes for you, the price is our normal price, the actual price is different according to complex level and quantity of order. If you need other size,if you have special require, feel free to contact us.
    Our E-mail info@oil-painting-china.com
    Price For Person Oil Portrait ( oil portrait from your photo )
    Size(Inch) 1person 2person 3person 4person 5person 6person 7person
    8x10” 58USD            
    12x16” 78USD 98USD          
    16x20” 88USD 108USD 128USD        
    20x24” 108USD 128USD 148USD 168USD      
    24x24” 118USD 138USD 158USD 178USD 198USD    
    24x36” 168USD 208USD 248USD 288USD 328USD 368USD  
    30x30” 178USD 218USD 258USD 298USD 338USD 378USD 418USD
    30x40” 198USD 238USD 278USD 318USD 358USD 398USD 438USD
    36x36” 208USD 248USD 288USD 328USD 368USD 408USD 448USD
    36x48” 268USD 318USD 368USD 418USD 468USD 518USD 568USD
    48x48” 298USD 348USD 398USD 448USD 478USD 528USD 578USD
    36x72” 318USD 368USD 418USD 468USD 518USD 568USD 618USD
    48x72” 398USD 478USD 558USD 638USD 718USD 798USD 868USD
    Price For Pet,House,Landscape,Car Portrait etc ( Oil portrait from photo )
    Size(Inch) 1 pet 2 pet 3 pet 4 pet 5 pet 6 pet 7 pet
    8x10” 48USD            
    12x16” 68USD 88USD          
    16x20” 78USD 98USD 118USD        
    20x24” 88USD 108USD 128USD 148USD      
    24x24” 98USD 118USD 138USD 158USD 178USD    
    24x36” 138USD 168USD 198USD 228USD 258USD 288USD  
    30x30” 148USD 178USD 208USD 238USD 268USD 298USD 328USD
    30x40” 158USD 188USD 218USD 248USD 278USD 308USD 338USD
    36x36” 168USD 198USD 228USD 258USD 288USD 318USD 348USD
    36x48” 228USD 268USD 308USD 348USD 388USD 428USD 468USD
    48x48” 258USD 298USD 338USD 378USD 418USD 458USD 498USD
    36x72” 278USD 328USD 378USD 428USD 468USD 518USD 568USD
    48x72” 338USD 398USD 458USD 518USD 578USD 638USD 698USD
    Size  for reference



    For the shipping cost,the first 0.5 kg is 24 USD,the second 0.5 kg is 6 USD.


    Thanks for your purchase!

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