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Asian oil painting collectors on these things often feel opinion meaning of black and white
from:Original  |   date:2017-07-11 23:57:20  |   views:490
Face collectors internationalization trend, Hong Kong art market appear nearly two horses to Asian art diversification trend, since the start of the order, in Hong Kong auction market clock try adding modern Oriental art items, expansion of market diversification, to dialogue between eastern and western art fusion.
More and more paintings more Chinese begin to pay close attention to art collection information gap shoe factory production, differences in standards collectors, they although it is thought in the acquisition work of art aesthetics, the demand on decoration, but the investment is still the Asian collectors, especially Chinese frontier collectors purchase art when considering the primary factor. Some border tourette collectors are also heavily buying western art in low-profile paintings, hoping to add dollar assets to their art wealth. The collection system is diversified and connected with the international system, and is becoming a trend of cabin preservation.
Zhou feng, a market commentary on the art market, thinks the Hong Kong art market in China is more international, and the difference in oil painting from the tobacco and alcohol market is narrowing. East side and the communication between artists and works, east side collectors is necessary, as the Chinese artists' understanding of the Oriental collectors, collectors to deal with the understanding of Chinese art, east supplies a ladder.
At Christie's in Hong Kong spring combines art and modern art in the 20th century Asia late, the existing oil painting copies sent righteous night, for the first time scattered the masters of arts east side, 61 total turnover of 543.38 million swing, sell-through rate of 82%. In this case, zhao wuji "29.09.64" sold at 1.528.6 billion days, refreshing the sale of my private works.
Paintings of Hong Kong su fu in the spring of 2017 led the first test is now a modern artistic DiChu chores, for the first time to join the east moon of contemporary art, the buyers feedback to neglect, 8 lots of Keith haring only in "touch the bell" (double) did not clinch a deal, Andy warhol range "chairman MAO" in the end by the Asian collectors to oil painting 9850 contest of mandarin orange, in the western modern art auction record in Asia.
Wu guanzhong "guizhou dong jia shanzhai", the transaction price 23.15 million super power
Wu guanzhong's shanzhai of guizhou province
Humor, Christie's President ShiJunAn all over the world for the first time from the auction at Christie's in Hong Kong, and to phone please reply for his oil painting type collectors bought a friendly Chinese young artists Yuan Yuan works "helpless", the 1.0625 million outstanding at the end of the deal.
Christie's Asia President Wei Wei revealed: "zhao is a tool blend of artists, in melting YiZhuan record tonight, it is explained the east side of art fusion of painting is victory, also indicated the we set equipment for melting YiZhuan field decoration and design is winning."
Dongdong fang art dialogue becomes a hot topic
According to Christie's, 30 percent to 40 percent of Asian buyers have jumped into the competition. Wei Wei performance, she remembered just coming into the beautiful painting auction, with collectors saw monet "water lily" especially in love, but he didn't dimensional gates to preview the scene, in particular the Tibet home, don't I have plenty of time to fly to New York directly bid, they just for the sake of these collectors to works to Hong Kong, in a room of a small, separate for collectors to see, followed by oil painting we create, Asian oil painting collectors on these things often feel opinion meaning of black and white.
The internationalization of Chinese collectors
Since a few years ago Chinese collectors and enterprises abroad homemade bidding auction of western classic modern art, and then to Hong Kong, China, Basel art fair this year paintings, sotheby's Hong Kong (weibo) spring on the western world art continue selling today. Foreign collectors have tilted their investment to western post-war and modern art.
It is true that Mr Shi did not reveal the owner of the buyer, but he showed that the buyer did not speak Chinese, and that the works against Mr Yuan were deeply painted.
In the case of Tibetan plum rain and market scenes, the eastern art oil painting reproductions market is also following the tide. Exemption thought, frontier and the overseas exhibition and sale more than coherent art activities, let the Chinese collectors to more properly understand western ancient artists, and Hong Kong art market of oil painting artificial advantages, flying their purchase hide the lilac, western art chirm and a relatively blunt weak western art market, let them start the internationalization of the collection system.
According to TEFAF 2017 art market hair, the biggest replacement in 2016 was a sharp fall in the sale of the futures house auction ($900 million), up 18.8 percent from 2015 ($20.8 billion). The biggest drop was in the us, where auction sales fell 41 per cent and European auction sales fell 13 per cent. In contrast, Asia's auction market remained unchanged. Asia initially owned 40.5% of the world's oil painting market, and the Chinese market dominated.
With zhao mo pole, sanyu, Lin Fengmian, while the integration of artist chung when melting YiZhuan field at the same time, another William DE kooning, cecile brown, such as artists of the east 11 of post-war and contemporary art. Oil painting.oil painting

Wing flavour.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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