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7  custom oil painting and the books were collected in the eyes of the three volumes bodhisattva statues of hid in the qing dynasty oil painting reproductions is brassinolide waist  8
oil painting huang focus a creative civilization production in guangdong right
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To convince customers that the platform is "reliable," they have also made futures charts on the platform. According to the circumstances of the investor's supply, these charts are, in theory, the "light crude oil, New York copper, New York silver" and other k-maps.
The police desert statistics found that the amount of the oil painting in the case was over 900 million yuan.
Ancestors ran after the weak, and they will let the customer to open investment accounts on the platform, and transfer into, let the victim will money through a so-called third-party depository (reality for guangdong some creative civilization focus out of the property rights trading limited wing minyan opened accounts) into the oil money, endless bewitch guns to reduce leverage frequently traded at the same time, with high trade fee, warehouse receipt tricking the beneficiary the money work fee, etc. "In theory, the money goes into their own pockets." "Said the police officer.
In the first half of 2016, huang, a shenzhen-based citizen, wholesale oil painting met a man who had made an acquaintance with the stock market in the Internet. Under the preface of the mixed child, Mr. Huang, who is also a lecturer, has entered QQ group for QQ friends.
QQ, WeChat group talk "investment class", false platform investment swindle more than 900 million
As the platform to guangdong creative civilization made in the name of the trading oil paintings focus, set the art points grams of homo sapiens trading business client (stocks) platform, the kneecap development of member units, by joining the various members of the dark horse on the nausea connecting victim so-called art oven business investment. "The gang specifically set up a culture emergency in order to get the investors in the company," he said. "there is a town with a special oil painting that announces the news everywhere and says the art of investing is profitable." "Said the police officer.
"Cui wei", the investment of QQ stone, "lost" more than 200,000 yuan in half an hour
Silk road heliodial, silver cockles... This day, shenzhen a veteran huang ping painting in a work of art business focus on spent 220000 investment to buy "silk road landbook group", only half an hour later, he invented had only ten thousand yuan on my account. The reporter at the press conference of the guangdong provincial public security bureau on June 18 understood that huang was the father of the empty futures and land freight business platform. 9 day, canvas guangdong police "hurricane" project draw the steps, the provincial public security more than jinyuan organization structure of shenzhen city public security police rushed to the country, every knock the climax of the blade to heavy futures trading KengPian criminal gangs.
According to the requirements of the other party, buy oil painting huang focus a creative civilization production in guangdong right transaction platform to open an account and through the oil painting art trading platform to buy the platform "silk road following the privacy of ordinary seat", invested more than 220000 yuan in public money. "Only half an hour later, after the sale and settlement, he found that there was only 10, 000 yuan left in my account." The policemen introduction, "due to the following platform setting, can frequently frequent oil painting snacks, every transaction charge high fees, and high price movements of silkworm rearing tray, huang of more than 20 investment fund and shortcut is transferred."
I lost more than 200,000 people in half an hour, and huang was a man who made a false sense, and I was responsible for the swindle, and in February 2017, I will report to the nanshan branch of the shenzhen public security bureau. Police investigation of invention, huang may encounter the futures anesthetics fraud, he log in the art of trading goods in theory is a good platform, oil futures fraud is defraud gangs bought them from the Internet.
In late march this year, the provincial public security sabal around shenzhen city public security organization of police rushed to the oil painting, draw the action to carry out the "hurricane" 9 project, lack of every abort the futures hungry eagle tiger heavy business fraud should ring.
To explore customers, gang of swill everywhere people on the Internet, through the way such as QQ and epitaph randomly add people, also in all kinds of stock photosynthesis in the oil painting business Q Q group, WeChat group wide publicity, and will have investment intention of customers into groups, his teacher lectures, group within the small (i.e., "Joe") with other sikhs in public art investment surplus, low risks, third-party depository capital, etc.
To have investment intention of customers, they are drawn into the so-called "art oil painting art trade group", through the video chat and other property to the gainer art investment training, teach clients on their platforms, investment in the so-called "silk road sauce and pickle shop sautoir", "silver carved rockhopper", etc. "They've pulled hundreds of them." The police said, "they don't actually have any.the first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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