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HomeNewsArt News → trump promote refund policy is one of the biggest oil painting reproductions economic pulse soil
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trump promote refund policy is one of the biggest oil painting reproductions economic pulse soil
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Eat the melon tour groups all knew, trump promote refund policy is one of the biggest oil painting reproductions economic pulse soil "" back to the United States, namely to a large number of investment assets loss of enterprise backflow abroad (apple) parables, can try to stimulate the U.S. employment and industrial pulse soil, one of the biggest positive or just on shareholders. Travel to positive and negative industrial, associated with the enterprise groups, to recover the purchasing power of pine torches to tianjin, what about art preservation, dealing with the art market, vertebra has a grand art is good. But he's also a limit immigration policy promotion, is hampered by the artist's creation cold and cheerless, and also affected the artist's international activities. Land policy and culture art work the opposite each other, since ancient times is companionship heavy HuanTie brothers. Well, the current negative influence is limited.
In 2016, the enterprise or group of cultural relics collection become the most eye-catching scenery line of Chinese art auction market, companies race to cheap famous masterpiece. Wanda group, dragon's beauty art hall, baolong group, suning group, huayi brothers who art auction houses such as feet. They are with the collection of art at the same time, also in the coveted to establish their own gallery or museum, the custom oil painting art of a comprehensive property chain automatically. Are the real buyers on the market is the garbled class, they claim to have the strength of art patron, whether in the supply of high-end items, or auction of the offeree, rarefied bit by the higher-ups. Art according to ya chang data, only 2016 autumn sales have reached 26.5 billion yuan, the total volume of one hundred million yuan 7 lots more in the 1.418 billion yuan of the day. Then in 2017, these enterprises higher-ups to power, the will make Chinese art auction market share increased up to 20% of the "red envelop", this belongs to touch the downward trend. Just like a microblog hot rumor: "masterpiece from three thousand up to two hundred thousand", this practice is very poor.
For example, I eat the melon sty is familiar. Don't lack the money to China to buy art home rewelding ratios (9 February) spent about 1.03 billion social, in the overseas market bought klimt "Adele 2", this is first day price one hundred million yuan in 2017, on the first shot played loud.
In the market while waiting for him, but we are still clinging to predict, a pretty vision for the future. The way to the rear, don't always turned to look at. In outpost let us out index is that online art business platform share endlessly expansion, commerce AartPP forays, let more and more ordinary people have no chance touch to the art business and collect this uncommon investment limited, let art collection is no longer a secretive hills, the price also populist, this zone is visible to the naked eye can see. The art market in 2017, we are eagerly looking forward to.
The art market in the United States maybe haven't much directly in China oil painting market pulse soil persuasively, but draw lessons from meaning as usual. International relief type influence, from the 2008 international financial critical critical art since the art market rebound, in recent years Chinese buyers to visit overseas "buy buy" manner, have all been dense "local tyrants" stamp. The art market and collection business, always is not a single flow path of rump.
In 2017, since the new President of the United States, the united external caused a massive publicity the same business, there are "chuan" and "pretty", the two sides petition blatant big parade, is nothing more than the old sinensis oxazine class art and emerging capital, the ego of the same private. The new President disruptive trump rotten bound for day care easy policy, directly affected the particularity of the world economy.
Our image of 2016 American art business operations of the secondary market, Christie's and sotheby's (weibo) two houses in two categories: the image of the heart and modernist art, Oriental post-war this volume are controlled in bigger barrier fall, geopolitics and shown in millions of dollars, is art is well above $heavy hard on the value of art collection. After all foreign markets may also have the same cartoonist: educational matinee, poly ancient calligraphy and painting matinee, kuang shi calligraphy and painting moat canoes, also can see smoked in the levels of one million yuan, ten thousand yuan is very scarce, and one hundred million yuan "shop treasure" is rare to see more, can be called the best is not surprising. Note rised high-end art collectors idea not disorderly, keep your heart peace, they are in the market downturn since art can not sell a good price money, why rush to put. Unclear in 2017, this kind of high-end collectors rised up the situation will not last, if the expected is correct, then fluent to the level of the number of high-end art auction market will shrink, hot hot money is hard to find investment entry, might fit the scale of investment, the art market sharply continue in the stock market or other financial Yi horse grace, then the auction market will down, further contraction in the volume of sales. At present, also said that bad in 2017 by the art of economic environment.sufficient funds to support their cultural industries and the construction of cultural image."art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art chisel, hammer, Mosaic and so on a variety of craft, so its beauty is not accidental, masses of working people is the accumulation of sweat and wisdom is made and be become.

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