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Chinese oil painting art market is still in a state of deep correction
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Influenced by macroeconomic, in 2016 the Chinese oil painting art market is still in a state of deep correction, the world has wide influence of four major auction house sotheby's and Christie's, and poly support dropped significantly, 93% of the domestic galleries are at a loss, 90% of the gallery collapse, most of the bankruptcy or go out of business.
According to ya chang the latest data show that: Chinese art auction market in the first half of 2016 the total turnover of 24.4 billion yuan, in a state of dropped significantly adjusted. Also, the antique market in 2016 was silent, nobody to collection, shop rent must pay, dismal. Jade, jade and other traditional cultural art dealers as well as the operation difficult.
In terms of painting and calligraphy auction market pay more attention to Chinese traditional mainstream art works, to reflect times spirit temperament and connotation of outstanding works of art, pay close attention to human feelings and elegant style, endowed with national characteristic of art. On the contrary, Chinese contemporary art plate shuffling, once active in the Chinese contemporary art market of yue minjun, zeng fanzhi, prices plummeted, the works of artists such as wang guangyi abandoned by the market.
Clear understanding to the west is manipulation of the Chinese art oil painting reproductions market, plundering China's reform and opening up 30 years to create a huge amount of wealth. They have ugly Fried by high tendency of Chinese artists, defacing we figure, the mainstream ideology in China in the negative, to the Chinese dumping out-of-date and lose their artistic value for art; Under the condition of the Chinese art market disorder for Chinese art pricing power and to control the prices of Chinese art, distorted China's artistic values and aesthetic standards. And western classical oil painting works of art by the domestic big shots collectors, represented by wang jianlin, liu, wang zhongjun frequently buy traditional western oil painting.
From the point of the market situation, the price of Chinese art more return to rational, pay more attention to art of cultural value, cultural value and artistic value. People more deeply some false social media hype and caused by the excessive packaging artwork price bubbles and artificially high. On October 14, 2014, xi jinping, general secretary of chaired a meeting of the national symposium of literary and art workers is a traditional Chinese art regression watershed.
China art electric business, financial will dominate the development of China's art market. Our art electric dealer market in 2016, so far, our art electricity reached more than two thousand above, particularly influential Zhao Chong online, calligraphy art, art festival and soon Chinese culture collection online will be an indicator of the Chinese art market, electricity through art, art consumption leads a new direction of Chinese art market.
Consumption will be the art market over the past 2016 years, art from the market into the mass market, and art consumption mainly to the art of creative products and derivative products.
Chinese artist folk appraisal and pay more attention to art collection standard art market system established. Is an urgent need to build an open, fair, fair and standard for the exchange, of the whole society in order to lead the development of China's cultural art and value.
However, in recent years, the development direction of Chinese art market has certain lost.
One is the national policy is good, but not keep up with the related financial custom oil painting institutions services supporting mechanism, the lack of bear and service consciousness. 2 it is crazy of for-profit online gaming, net red post card transactions and market performance in recent years, active, put a few cents stamps hype to tens of thousands of yuan. The purity of three individual leadership is blind hobbies design products, creative industrial park, the lack of social responsibility, now a lot of waste of cultural industrial park is empty. Four is not putting social benefits first, passionate no moral bottom line. 5 it is not put the interests of the masses in the first place, the lack of conscience, a lack of unity. But the direction of the market we choose is not put the interests of the masses in the first place.
The root of the Chinese art market resistance:
1, the global economic downturn, influence people investment enthusiasm of art
Affected by the global economic downward pressure and the impact of China's anti-corruption efforts, calligraphy and painting works present market were severely hit, a direct impact on the development of Chinese art market. Nobody to artists, galleries, hoarding works of art sale, his hand, he is not circulation, it is difficult to form an active market.
2, the country is not a real ground of the policy
Lag (1) the market regulation law, the state council are XiaWeiFa 37, 38, files, and host law conflicts "property law". This has to do with "government leading, market decision" spirit have problems, a serious impediment to the development of cultural industry in our country, it was very obvious.
(2) no unified standard of art appraisal industry.
(3) the national support policy of cultural development very much, but always can't keep up with service, can't fall in. Cultural industries rise for the national strategic height, supporting services to keep up with, is no policy.
(4) the art of scientific testing always let by the "hand touch, see" the subjectivity of the experts. Because this is a benefit gambling, scientific testing once the face recognition, the experts, there is no market, open to touch and to see just can't make money.
(5) the government is in the art market paint department of the tube in the end, who CARES, who have no matter, lead to market confusion.
3, art financialization supporting service hard landing
Lagging regulation of the chain reaction is lagging in art financial services supporting policies, to keep up with the pace of social innovation, regulatory level can't keep up with the era of "Internet +" need. Under the state council to encourage innovation, bold try, to allow the country's independent innovation base for trial and error. Since the state advocates the "Internet +", will allow transactions online, digital, only online, precipitation, to make the data mining, and used to drive the industry, put forward by the regulation should be in the national innovation policy under the big background of effective supervision and management.
4, concepts, social lack of self-confidence of Chinese traditional culture as a whole
Now the entire society lack of belief in Chinese traditional culture in five thousand, show the cultural connotation in the modern age, the overall fault occurs. Show the spiritual values appear, foreigners think that foreign cultural and artistic value, rather than the billions of yuan to buy a western oil painting, also don't want to pay big money to buy the traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy works. Lack of self-confidence, and argued that western art is reasonable, when domestic outstanding art auction once the hundreds of millions, immediately suspect.
5, the art market talented person
Understand financial don't understand art, especially financial institutions from personnel of course of severe lack of cultural and artistic accomplishment and feelings, cause the Chinese art popularization of asset securitization, financialization, it is difficult to move forward. Five thousand years of civilization history of the Chinese nation, has a large number of heritage and orderly cultural art assets, once the asset securitization, will is strategic forces to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Xi general secretary has repeatedly stressed to sleep in the museum, the motherland of cultural products to life on the earth, and the purpose is to use the power of the whole society, the power of the society, promote its cultural value.

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